Dicks Creek Falls – Dahlonega, GA

We visited Dicks Creek Falls for the first time just after Christmas 2015. The flow at that time was significant as the weeks prior had been rainy and lots of water was running down off the mountain. The mist rising off the falls was my most favorite part.

Dicks Creek Falls is right off one of the Forestry Service roads here in Dahlonega. The road to the falls is narrow at times and it’s probably a good idea to take a vehicle with 4 wheel drive (especially if it’s been raining) – though we saw several cars make it in and out okay. A busy day (from our estimate) involves passing approximately five cars on your way in and out.

The parking lot for the falls is off to the right, and the falls are just across the road. It’s a short trail to get to a view of the falls, and the trail runs alongside the creek for awhile so you can explore a bit. I love seeing the falls from different angles.


We took Justin’s parents to visit the falls about six weeks later, and found the flow had diminished some, but was still significantly above normal. It was neat to see the rock formations under the falls emerge a bit this trip.

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And then we took my parents to visit six months later in early July 2016. The flow had settled down to its normal rate, and, man, was this peaceful. We spent a lot of time just watching the water running.

Dicks Creek Falls is a popular swimming hole in the summer – we met a couple of high school guys hanging out jumping off the rocks to the sides this trip. Justin slow-mo videoed one of them – the guys crowded around Justin to watch the replay and did the guy-thing where they whooped and hollered at the good parts. It was great fun to watch.


If you’re local or visiting the area and haven’t been out to Dicks Creek Falls, you should go visit! There’s also a fun forestry service road that climbs the mountain just past Dicks Creek Falls. We explored this one day in my brother-in-law’s Jeep, and it was great fun.

There are primitive campsites along the forestry service road that have pretty nice gravel pads and fire rings. Not a place for a travel trailer, unless you have a sweet adventure trailer or rooftop tent that makes it through all kinds of terrain, but fun for a day trip!